Tri-County Home & Garden Home Show​

The Tiny House Expo will be held in conjunction with The Tri-County Home & Garden Home Show August 19,20,21, 2022. As more counties and cities are permitting tiny houses on residential properties the popularity of this alternative living is increasing among investors in senior living and to folks looking for a minimalist lifestyle. The Tiny House Expo will showcase not only tiny houses and their builders but some unique and creative alternatives! In addition to the display of tiny houses, be sure to plan to attend the Tiny House Expo Conference where industry leaders educate and share their knowledge on how to live tiny!   

Placer County allows Tiny Homes

Placer County allows Tiny Homes which means a second permanent dwelling that is an accessory to a primary dwelling on a site. A secondary dwelling may be either a detached or attached dwelling unit, including a tiny house, which provides complete, independent living facilities for one or more persons. It shall include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel or parcels as the primary dwelling. Secondary dwellings also include multi-generation housing units and are synonymous with accessory dwelling units as defined by California Government Code Section 65852.2. See Section 17.56.200 for specific use requirements applicable to secondary dwellings. ***** “Tiny House” or “Tiny Houses” (land use) means separate, independent living quarters that are no larger than 400 square feet; include basic functional areas that support normal daily routines, including a bathroom, a kitchen, and a sleeping area; is mounted on a wheeled trailer chassis; is designed and built to look like a conventional residential structure, using conventional building materials, and is thus architecturally distinct from traditional mobile homes and recreational vehicles; and is titled and registered to tow legally under the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Includes park trailers as defined in HSC Section 18009.3. (See Section 17.56.350 for specific use requirements applicable to tiny houses).​

The super bowl of tiny homes!

The Super Bowl for Tiny Homes is back...the 3rd Annual TinyFEST! This event has become a favorite in San Diego to tour tiny homes, enjoy good food and music while getting educated on worthwhile topics. Each year, Rebuilding Green and American Tiny House Association of San Diego have held a symposium to educate building and government officials; however, this year, our quest is to inform seniors of make sense options currently available in San Diego and solutions for the future. The elderly have become one of the fastest-growing segments experiencing housing insecurities. This injustice has deeply concerned us, and we have decided to make it RBG's 2022 quest to bring options to the forefront. Be sure to come out and show your support!

Tiny Fest 2022 - Tiny Together

March 11th, 2022 4:30-6:30 PM (Pre TINYFest)  Rebuilding Green is helping host a private educational event for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Investors prior to the 3rd Annual TinyFEST at Del Mar Fairgrounds. March 12th & 13th. Learn about the growing trends of how Tiny Homes have a place in the Real Estate market and how they offer investment opportunities.Limited Seating RSVP NOW​

The Oakland Construction Innovation and Expanded Housing Options Ordinance​

To address the skyrocketing cost of building housing, and to increase housing options and affordability for all Oaklanders, Mayor Schaaf and City Councilmembers Kalb and Thao are proposing a new ordinance that would make comprehensive amendments to the Oakland Planning Code. The Oakland Construction Innovation and Expanded Housing Options Ordinance would update the City’s zoning regulations to: Allow residential occupancy of RVs and tiny homes on wheels on private property subject to certain health and safety standards Allow mobile homes and manufactured homes in all zoning districts where residential uses are permittedEstablish density and open space regulations for efficient dwelling units; andEstablish height regulations for modular construction.​


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